N196 Necklace
N196 Necklace
N196 Necklace

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This Indonesian Palm Root Fossil Necklace won an International Jewellery Award last year. It is one of my favourites. It was a difficult setting which took a great deal of time to complete, but I was quite pleased with the finished design. This is a one off. No other repeats in this design.

I used copper to wrap this beautiful stone and then oxidized it to bring out the highlights in the weaving. Its been enhanced with Garnets to finish off the design.

Measures 6x5cm and has a magnetic clasp.

Indonesian fossil palm root is a stone of such beauty, with its high-contrasting earthy tones against a stark black sky. Many lapidaries who cab this material try to capture what is seen most, a fire rising up in the midnight sky.

This material is not very common in the marketplace; it seems to be rather scarce.

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